How to Call Out Mendip Cave Rescue 

  1. Dial 999 (or 112 the single European Emergency Number)
  2. Ask for the POLICE (if calling from a mobile ask for AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE)
  3. Then ask for CAVE RESCUE
  4. Prepare to give the following details:- Cave Name; Location within cave; Numbers & condition of those involved; Details of any injuries sustained.
  5. STAY BY THE PHONE (if using a mobile stay in a good reception area)
  6. A Mendip Cave Rescue member will call you back for more details so please keep the phone line free.

Useful Information

The following information is very useful to help MCR get the right equipment and team members on site to quickly resolve the incident. 

If an accident has happened ...

  • What happened?
  • Where underground did it happen?
  • When did it happen?
  • How many are injured?
  • What are the known injuries?
  • When did they go underground?
  • How many are still underground?

If a party is missing or overdue...

  • When did they go underground?
  • When should they have come out?
  • How many are in the party?
  • Where did they go underground?
  • What route were they planning to take?

Join Mendip Cave Rescue

If you want to help Mendip Cave Rescue on any future incident, please see the information on the Join MCR page.