Mendip Cave Rescue held a rescue practice for the Stone Mine members in Swwan Mine on Saturday 5th March 2022. This was a practice aimed more at the stone mines area, concentrating on the command & control and communication aspects of a search of a stone mine for a missing person. Two underground search teams entered the mine and were tasked with searching different areas of the mine, and reporting any casualties found to an underground control point. Communications between this underground control point and the surface were established, using both Cave Link for text messages and Heyphones for voice, along with the "micro Heyphone" kindly loaned to us by Ian Cooper from Midlands Cave Rescue Organisation. All simulated casualties were found and information about these casualties was successfully communicated back to the surface control point.

Mendip Cave Rescue held a rescue practice in Swildon’s Hole on Saturday 6th November 2021. This was a full team practice with members working together in their specialist groups. A simulated casualty just above the 20’ pitch was examined and treated by our casualty carers before being packaged into a stretcher for extrication. The ‘casualty’ was then carried along the streamway, where our rigging teams had rigged the old 40’ pitch and water rift traverse all the way back to the water chamber. We ended the practice at the water chamber. Alongside the casualty carers and rigging teams, we also had communications established with the surface using cave link. This was a very successful and professional practice with great teamwork.


Lots of equipment to go into the cave Team briefing on the surface Casualty in the slix stretcher

Photographs taken by Greg Brock

Mendip Cave Rescue held a surface training session at Fairy Cave Quarry on Sunday the 27th September 2020. 17 MCR wardens enjoyed a day in the sunshine, whilst practising hauling and rigging techniques, rock splitting and lifting, and some casualty first aid, including familiarisation with the new Slix stretcher.

Preparing the new slix stretcherPreparing the new slix stretcher

Photographs taken by Mark Kellaway

In the new slix stretcherSetting up the Blackhawk jack

Photographs taken by Estelle Sandford

Mendip Cave Rescue are organising an evening rescue practice at Wookey Hole on Tuesday 1st October 2019. The rescue practice will concentrate on rigging aspects for a rescue, and as such participants will require SRT equipment if they wish to be involved with any rope aspects of the session. Clean oversuits are also required. All are welcome to attend this rescue practice - please meet at the Wookey Hole car park at 19:00.

Eleven Cheddar Cave Club (ChCC) members and four Mendip Cave Rescue Wardens took part in a joint rescue practice at North Hill Swallet, Priddy, on Sunday 17/03/19.  The simulated scenario was that a party of cavers had raised a rescue callout due to one of the party suffering a serious fall-related injury at the bottom of the entrance pitch. This session aimed at focusing on casualty care - lifting and packaging an unconscious caver (in this case MCR's dummy) - and rigging two Z-rig hauling systems to the MCR tripod above the cave's concrete entrance pipes. At the debrief, the Wardens were pleased with how the ChCC members had worked as a team.  The club enjoyed the opportunity to visit the MCR store and gain first-hand experience of using the rescue equipment.

Cheddar Caving Club Rescue Practice 1 Cheddar Caving Club Rescue Practice 2

Photographs taken by Estelle Sandford