p>A call was received at 21:25 on 02/01/12 via the new Sarcall Communications System from Avon & Somerset Police advising of an overdue party in Swildons Hole. The group of three males had entered the cave via Priddy Green Sink entrance at approx 12.30 and had been due out by 19:30. Priddy Green was checked to see if their car was there – which it was – and then MCR was immediately joined by a police patrol. Within a couple of minutes a caver appeared and advised that the remaining two were OK but tired and were above the twenty and making their way out. They exited the cave approx 21:55 and the incident was closed. The reason they gave for being overdue was that the Priddy Green Sink entrance had tired them out (one of them was over 60) and they had then struggled through Blue Pencil Passage and the Mud sump area which had slowed them further. Feed back from the Avon & Somerset Police was that MCR responded extremely quickly and that the new Sarcall communications system worked very well.