Mendip Cave Rescue were called by the police at 16:40 on Thursday 3rd August 2017 for an incident at Burrington Combe. A 16 year old male was stuck in 'Superman Squeeze' in Boulder Chamber, just inside Tradesmans Entrance to Goatchurch Cavern. This is a squeeze in a short passage that can be bypassed, and so it was possible to get people to either side of the casualty. Eventually the casualty was freed by moving a large boulder slightly and using drills and 'plug and feathers' to remove some rock from a boulder that was trapping him. Once he was freed the casualty was able to walk out from the cave, and he exited the cave unharmed and none the worse for his ordeal at 19:50.

Throughout this rescue operation, Mendip Cave Rescue worked with representatives from both Avon Fire & Rescue Service and Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue ServiceSouth Western Ambulance Service HART Paramedics and Avon & Somerset Police, with the road through Burrington Combe closed for a few hours whilst the rescue operation was underway. This successful rescue has been reported in the local press.