Mendip Cave Rescue received a SARCALL message from Avon and Somerset Police at 01:31 on 19th November 2020 on behalf of their colleagues from Wiltshire Police (who don't currently use SARCALL) for an incident at Box Stone Mines, concerning a group of 4 people reported lost in the mine. The 4 explorers had entered the mine the previous day and found their way through to the "Bat Grill" entrance, which is currently bolted shut preventing their exit, where they managed to get a mobile phone signal to call for assistance, and used the What 3 Words application on their phone to report their location. Five experienced local cavers who know the mine well were able to attend the scene and quickly located the group from the surface and provided them with "space blankets" to keep them warm. Three of them then entered via another nearby entrance and made their way to the group to escort them to the surface. The incident was closed at 04:06 with everyone safely back on the surface.