The next MCR meeting will be held at the Hunters Lodge Inn, Priddy on Friday 16th September at 20:00. As always, all are welcome to attend these open meetings.

Join wreck and cave explorers Richard Walker and Christine Grosart, for an evening of discovery and adventure, to be held at Evercreech Village Hall at 19:30 on 26th February 2016.

Mars the Magnificent, the legendary warship of the Swedish King Erik XIV, has lain at the bottom of the Baltic sea for 450 years. In 2011, a team of technical scuba divers, after 20 years of searching, found the warship on the sonar of their search vessel. They made a first dive on the wreck to discover cannons, treasure and an almost intact warship, not seen by human eyes since 1564. 

The National Geographic became involved to support the project:

Richard Walker was invited to dive the shipwreck in 2015 and he tells the story of the famous ship and what it is like to dive her at 75 metres depth.

Christine Grosart is a caver, cave diver and explorer. She holds the end of the line in more than four caves in Europe - quite literally discovering cave passages where no human has ever been. In 2009 she visited the far reaches of Wookey Hole cave to earn the female cave diving depth record in a British cave. Christine's caving roots are in the Mendip Hills and she will be giving a talk with stunning images, about caves, cave diving and a cave conservation project in South Wales.

At the end of the evening there will be a raffle prize draw with proceeds going to the Mendip Cave Rescue and Somerset Air Ambulance. More information about the evening can be found at the following Facebook event


From Mendip To Mars



Mendip Cave Rescue Flood Appeal
                 Mendip Cave Rescue Flood Appeal

Are you shocked by the images of the floods we are seeing day after day in the media? I know I am. 

Maybe you know someone who is affected?


Over the years we have enjoyed the hospitality of fellow cavers, as well as access from landowners to the many caves 'up north'. So come on 'DIG' deep and let's raise much needed funds to support the volunteers with such things as necessary equipment and clothing. What will your donation buy?

£10 pair wellies, £25 25 metres rope
£50 tackle bags, £400 a drysuit

Could you organise a fundraising event? Maybe get together in your club to organise an event. An auction of caving stuff: books, prints, paintings & surplus equipment. Cooks amongst you a Pie & Peas/Bangers & Mash evening: the possibilities are endless.  We need to get on with it NOW; the need is today!

This appeal will run until the end of February 2016 when we will review the situation, so lets pull our fingers out and donate/fundraise.

Mendip Cave Rescue have agreed to set up this web page and receive donations, which will be channelled through the British Cave Rescue Council, either by cheque or paypal:

Cheques should be made payable to: "Mendip Cave Rescue Flood Appeal" and sent to: Ivan Sandford, Treasurer, Mendip Cave Rescue, 4 Reeves Paddock, Townend, Priddy, Wells, Somerset BA5 3FG. 
Cheques in envelopes clearly marked 'MCRFA' can also be left at The Hunters Lodge Inn, Priddy.

Paypal donations can be made by clicking on the button below: 

Some cavers are not members of a club, so if you know someone please send this information on to them (click here for a downloadable copy of the poster)

So come on 'DIG' deep and show we care - every pound will help

Thank you

Lillian Romford
Member Bristol Exploration Club

The next MCR meeting will be held on Friday 12th February 2016 at the Hunters Lodge Inn, Priddy starting at 20:00. As always, all are welcome to attend these open meetings.

The next MCR General Meeting will be held on Saturday 19th February 2016 at the Hunters Lodge Inn, Priddy starting at 19:30 to be followed by a firkin of beer generously donated by the Priddy Folk Festival. As always, all are welcome to attend these open meetings.