Gloucestershire Cave Rescue Group (GCRG) have been running regular weekend training for years, and they are developing an extensive indoor training area which includes rigging points. GCRG have started to use this by running a couple of evening sessions, with an invitation extended to neighbouring cave rescue teams, combined with the Severn Bridge now being free, a few of the MCR wardens thought it would be good to go along and make use of this facility. On an extremely cold day at the end of February 2019 the facilities provided an excellent location. The training was split into three skill levels with various scenarios. The MCR team focused on stretcher hauling, trying some more unusual techniques that with practice and a bit more refinement may prove useful in the future. This sharing of knowledge while pushing the boundaries is an excellent way for both teams to enhance their capabilities.

GCRG Rescue Practice

Photograph taken by Andrew Atkinson