MCR wardens received a callout from the emergency services via SARCALL system at 01:52 on Thursday 11th February 2016 that a caver was believed to have fallen down a shaft and had sustained injuries. Whilst the MCR wardens were being mobilised, there was some confusion about the location of the casualty but this was clarified by a subsequent SARCALL message that the caver has fallen down the "twenty", a short pitch in Swildons Hole, Priddy.

An initial party of four MCR personnel went underground at 03:00, carrying a "first strike kit" with the purpose of locating and attending to the injured caver. Further information came to the surface that necessitated further cavers going underground with more equipment. It was confirmed that a 27 year old male caver had fallen down the "twenty" and although initial rumours that he had broken his leg was unfounded, he was found to have a probable broken arm. First aid was administered by an MCR medic, and after appropriate treatment, the injured caver was brought to the surface and placed in an ambulance at 05:18.

MCR were assisted throughout this operation by members of Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue service, Avon & Somerset Police and South Western Ambulance