Eleven Cheddar Cave Club (ChCC) members and four Mendip Cave Rescue Wardens took part in a joint rescue practice at North Hill Swallet, Priddy, on Sunday 17/03/19.  The simulated scenario was that a party of cavers had raised a rescue callout due to one of the party suffering a serious fall-related injury at the bottom of the entrance pitch. This session aimed at focusing on casualty care - lifting and packaging an unconscious caver (in this case MCR's dummy) - and rigging two Z-rig hauling systems to the MCR tripod above the cave's concrete entrance pipes. At the debrief, the Wardens were pleased with how the ChCC members had worked as a team.  The club enjoyed the opportunity to visit the MCR store and gain first-hand experience of using the rescue equipment.

Cheddar Caving Club Rescue PracticeCheddar Caving Club Rescue Practice

Photographs taken by Estelle Sandford