On Tuesday 22nd September, Mendip Cave Rescue received a report from the police at 18:30 that there was an overdue party of 4 cavers in Swildons Hole. Whilst MCR wardens were on their way to Priddy to undertake an initial check of the cave, further reports were received that the party had surfaced at 18:50, having had some trouble negotiating one of the squeezes and the wardens were stood down.

On Wednesday 5th August, reports were received at 20:15 that an experienced caver had fallen almost 50 feet down Echo Pot, a recently found shaft at the bottom of Templeton, sustaining several serious injuries. On arrival, Mendip Cave Rescue wardens quickly administered first aid and placed the casualty in a stretcher and carefully hauled him to the surface at 01:10 where he was handed over to the waiting paramedics for further treatment and transfer to hospital.


Mendip Cave Rescue were assisted throughout this difficult operation by members of Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue service, Avon & Somerset Police, South Western Ambulance service and Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Mendip Cave Rescue were called to assist the Police in a search for a possible missing person after personal items were found at the entrance to an abandoned iron mine on Exmoor.  A team of 4 MCR wardens attended the science and performed thorough detailed search of 3 adits of which all were to a degree flooded. Nothing was found and the team was stood down for the Police to continue with any enquiries.

A male climber was rescued from Swildons Hole on Sunday 7th April 2013 following a trip with friends, the male slipped trying to negotiate a climb after becoming separated from his group and sustained substantial leg injuries as a result. Mendip Cave Rescue were called out by Avon & Somerset police after a member of the injured man's party raised the alarm. Members of the team were quickly on scene along with the team doctor.  Due to the nature of the injuries the male was extracted from the cave using a stretcher and promptly taken to the waiting ambulance. This was a successful rescue with an estimated 20+ cavers involved.

On 14th October 2012 Mendip Cave Rescue were alerted by Avon and Somerset Police after a group of cavers became trapped after their ladder had been accidentally removed from the well known 20' pitch in Swildons Hole. Two cavers (part of a group of cavers, the rest of whom had left the cave taking their ladder with them) were trapped below the 20’ pitch without a ladder or life line and were unable to climb out. The police were contacted by one of the group that had exited the cave but felt too tired to re-enter with a ladder. 

Mendip Cave Rescue deployed a small team with a ladder and lifeline to assist the stranded cavers out of the cave.