Mendip Cave Rescue are organising a rescue practice at Eastwater Cavern on Sunday 30th June 2019. As part of the assessment of what scenarios of various rescue situations and the techniques needed for assisting with various injuries. Depending on numbers, the aim is to see what can be transported down the Technical Master Piece and the systems needed to get an injured caver back out. This is a very important part of contingency planning and the more people who attend the more that will be gained from the exercise. All are welcome to attend this rescue practice - please meet at the MCR store by the Belfry at 09:30.

A surface rescue practice evening is to be held with a search around the Longwood Valley / Velvet Bottom area, to include the use of the surface radios, is to be held on Thursday 26th July 2018. Meet at the Black Rock car park at 19:30. This training event is open to all cavers.

The Sunday the 6th May Mendip Cave Rescue will be holding a rescue workshop as part of the Mendip CaveFest 2018 weekend. The rescue workshop will be held underground in G.B. cave, where there will be four different workshops held in different locations in the cave. These will be:

  1. Communications - to be held at the entrance to Mud Passage from the Gorge.
  2. Stretcher packaging - to be held in the Gorge above the Bridge.
  3. Pitch hauling - to be held at the fixed ladder in the Devil's Elbow route.
  4. Casualty assessment ("what to do before rescue turns up") - to be held on the 1st climb in the Mud Passage route.

There will be at least two MCR rescue wardens plus all the relevant equipment at each location.

The rescue workshop is open to all interested cavers, but please note that following:

  • Valid Charterhouse Caving Company permits will be required for everyone who ventures underground.
  • Please park considerately at the farm (as usual), making a £1 donation per car, and respect any directions from the farmer. It is recommended that people share cars to minimise parking space.
  • MCR will have a 'checking in' tent close to the entrance. Everyone who goes underground will need to check in.

There will be two time slots for cavers who wish to go underground - 10:30 and 13:00. Each slot can have up to 20 cavers (4 teams of 5 people, entering the cave at 5 minute intervals). Please can anyone who wants to attend register in advance with the CaveFest website, or with the CaveFest organisers over the weekend.

A rescue practice to be held in Goatchurch Cavern is to be held on Sunday 28th January 2018. Meet at the carpark by the toilets ready to go underground at 14:00. This training event is open to all cavers, and will concentrate on stretcher packaging and hauling, with an additional communications element (depending on numbers).

A communications training evening in Eastwater Cavern has been planned for Monday the 30th October. All are welcome to come along and experiment with the Cave-Link and Nicola 3 radio units that the MCR has available to us. Meet at the Belfry at 19:00 to walk across to Eastwater Cavern, and it would be helpful if you inform Estelle, our comms officer if you are planning on attending so that she can gauge numbers and plan the evening accordingly.